Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Adventurous Years

We have spent the last couple of years just chillin' around the house.  That was nice. We have a nice home.  I had a nice yard to play ball in. 

People were really nice. They would stop and tell me how handsome, gorgeous, or beautiful I am, which is true, so people in Wyoming are very honest!

We had a good time.

But now we are going on some adventures and I am excited about that.

Now I will have something to blog about!

Tomorrow I am going to Loveland, CO and stay with my friend Lillian for 2 whole weeks.  We will have a nice time.  She has a new house.  And she has 4 little tiny dogs.  They are not big boys like me.

We will have a good time playing.  I will take my squeaky ball.  I'm sure they'll find it as exciting as I do.

When my Court gets back we are taking a trip to Dallas, TX and I will post lots of pictures!

Bye for now,
The Dude

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