Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Dude here,
Yesterday we drove through Tennessee  and Arkansas. It was okay. We drove through the Cumberland plateau and the power was out at all the rest stops. And they had signs that said NO PETS. What's up with that? Black quadripeds such as myself need rest stops too.  Is this a southern thing?  I think my rights as a Canine-American might have been infringed.

Anyway, we made it to Shawnee, OK and then we pulled over and took a nap.  Traveling is very tiresome for a Dude.  Next stop, Oklahoma City.

--A Dude--

Saturday, February 21, 2015

R.I.P. Bismark

Dude here
I have some sad news.  My bog sis, Jorjanna and her hubby brought home a new puppy on Monday named Bismark.  I was looking forward to meeting my new cousin. I would have shown him how to play with ball and guard the house.
But he got sick and wasn't feeling so good.  He went to the vet but he passed away so I will not get to know him at all.  I am sad. But he will be okay because I have heard that ALL dogs go to heaven...

--A Dude--

Snow Day

Dude here,

It started snowing again this morning.  I was looking out my window and saw it getting started.

I am going to chill and take a nap.  We have a lot of driving to do tomorrow.  I'll need to be alert!

--A Dude--

Friday, February 20, 2015

Almost Ready to Go

Trip Map
Dude here,

Me and my Court are gonna take a trip across the whole country to visit my
grandma's house and fix it up.

Court is going to do most of the driving and I will guard the car when he gets out. We will have a good time.  I like going for a ride.

I will try to put up some posts along the way so people can see all the nice places in America we get to drive through.

Marriottsville was nice.  Bye bye Sandy and Talia, and Zach, and Tanner.  You can come and visit me in Gardena some time.

--A Dude--

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Just wishing my Mom a Happy Veteran's Day!  She was in the U.S. Army

--A Dude--

Friday, October 24, 2014

7-years old!

Today is my birthday! I am 7 years old!
This is a friend a met in Irving, Texas

This is me when I was just a pup!

This is me all grown up and living in Wyoming
Me and some of my toys!
This is me and my mom in South Lake Tahoe
A couple of handsome black Dudes, no?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Home Again, Home Again!

I am back home!  I spent 2 weeks at my friend Lillian's with her wee doggies: Kahlua, Mr. Pippin, Leo, and Lucas.  We had a nice time.

But now I am back home and getting into my routine again.

We will be moving next week and saying bye-bye to Cheyenne.  It was nice here and I had a good time.  Everybody told me I beautiful all the time, which is kinda true.

We are gonna go to Texas.  That's where I was born.  They will no doubt be surprised to see me!