Sunday, October 26, 2008

Big Boy Now

I received some nice b-day wishes from my friends. Those of you that didn't wish me a happy day, I leave it up to you to discover what you missed out on.

So you all know I was born 1 year ago on the 24th of Oct. Well, Angie my adopted mom, took me to Pebble Beach and we had the greatest time (sort of), on the 24th of this month.

It wasn't one of those days where she says we are going to the beach and she looks for agates instead. No, she and I went swimming together. We only went in for 10 minutes at a time. You know, played with the waves and she taught me how to body surf (I think that's what she called it).

Well, there we were body surfing or at least I was--the next time I looked around Angie was covered by the waves. This scared me and I went searching for her. She soon popped up out of the waves and all I could do was hang on to her with my legs for the water was too deep for me.

She assured me she was alright and darn, if she didn't do it over and over again. She asked me if I was cold or scared and was that why I was shaking. Well to tell you the truth both.

I did have a good time though. In between the times that we were swimming (or as I call it being drowned by the waves) we got out played with Seaweed, sticks and my favorite, the RED BALL.

I don't know what is is about that water in the sea but it always seems to make my tum tum upset. But Angie said to drink plenty of fresh water and it would help (as if I hadn't had enough from that big ocean!

I was pretty tired when we went home and just wanted to lie down.

So anyway you know I and Angie survived my 1 year birthday swim. Maybe next year you all could join us?

-- Ostaajje (aka the Dude) --